Vienna. A mafia clan decides to adapt an old-school communication tool  to convey confidential information. The supposedly superb idea is to  send encoded postcards so that the people involved have to get their  hands dirty. Late at night all cards are hidden in public dustbins,  where - in the middle of fast-food leftovers and free newspapers - they  discretely wait for their recipient. While the mafia bosses are rubbing  their manicured hands sure of victory, an unnoticed mischief-maker  disrupts their plans. By unintentionally dispersing the valuable  postcards on a regular basis a tramp starts driving the mafiosi insane  after a short time. The bosses suspect having a mole within themselves.  Because who else other than their own messenger could be responsible for the failure of their plan?
Postcard-Mafia tells the grotesque story  of a group of people, who is obsessed with a brilliant idea. Deeply  convinced that their system could never fail, they blame "humankind" for the mistakes.
Written and Directed by Gregorius Grey
Director of Photography Christoph Hensel
Produced by Gregorius Grey and Robert Binelli
Starring: Jean-Jacques Pascal, Heinz-Arthur Boltuch and Ernst Friedl

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